Goat Quest

Goat Quest - adventure in the countryside of Istria

Goat Quest is for everyone who has inner chlid or is a child. If you are intrested in stores that you can not find in tourist gudes, this is a tour for you. Therefore, through this trip you will find our nearly forgotten folk tales and superstitions, see how people used to live, participate in Istrian quest for young and old and an explore hidden places and breathtaking vies of the Koper countryside.

Age, size and physical endurance are not important, because you can choose between: a family outing, a relaxed recreational trip and a real sporting challenge.

Goat Quest offers you to:

  • Learn who is istrian goat and with a little perseverance also meet them.

  • Rest under a mythological oak tree and think about local superstitions.

  • Assemble Istrian Lego cubes - a little for a joke, a little for real you will build a typical Istrian stone drywall, called 'suhodiz'.

  • See the typical stone Istrian houses.

  • Find out on which tree roots truffles grow best.

  • See what the giants who once lived here can do.

  • Try yourself in the Devil's Challenge - we recommend this challenge only to the bravest.

  • Protect yourself against Istrian witches (strige) and see where they met.

  • Learn about olives and vines (sellect package Tastes of Istria ).

  • Admire the amazing view of the Gulf of Trieste, which extends all the way to the Alps, of course if your view will not be obstructed by clouds.

  • Relax with the Istrian brunch, that is called 'marenda' and it also includes goat dairy products.

  • The Goat Quest includes:

  • GPS routes - that you will always know where you are and where to go.

  • Printed map - for help and fun.

  • Stories, myths and legends.

  • Real Istrian challenges.

  • Good mood and laughter.

  • Istrian brunch with goat products (goat products are available only when goats give milk - from April to December).

Additiona extrass:

  • Visiting the olive groves and tasting homemade olive oil. (offer Taste Istria)

  • Visiting the wine cellar and wine tasting. (offer Taste Istria)

  • Visiting the ethnographic museum. (1.5 EUR fee)

  • Visiting the river, which path was paved by a giant. (free)

  • Visiting a centuries-old mill. (free)

What do you need for entering the GoastQuest:

  • A bottle of water – Istra has drinking water everywhere, so use your favorite bottle and get water from any tap.

  • The most appropriate transport for your plans.

  • A helmet for cyclists and a hat for walkers.

  • Appropriate footwear.

  • GPS navigation, printed map and challenging content, which will you receive by ordering the Goat Challenge.

GoatQuest for families

  • Navigation

  • Printed map GoatQuest

  • Small prize

  • Istrian marenda for 2+2

GoatQuest for cyclists

  • Navigation

  • Printed map GoatQuest

  • Istrian marenda for 2

GoatQuest with e-bike

  • Navigation

  • Printed map GoatQuest

  • 2 x e-bike

  • Istrian marenda for 2

GoatQuest to taste Istria

  • Navigation

  • Printed map GoatQuest

  • Istrian marenda for 2

  • Visit of olive growes and tasting

  • Visit of vine growes and tasting

About the navigation and transport.

You will be guided by digital navigation. Where the contents and challanges are, you will be stopped by the board of our goat. The trail is 33 km long and has altitude differences of 605 meters. It leads mostly on paved side roads, partly also along the bike path. How you embark on a journey depends on your preferences. We inspect your bike as it is good for the body and environmentally friendly.

For expirienced cyclist – bicycle

The trip is 35 kilometers long and has a 350m height difference. To all experienced cyclists we recommend to pick the rout by bicycle.

For laisuere cyclist - electric bicycle

For all of you, who are sportsman by heart and like wind in your hair, we suggest using an electric bicycle.

For family outing - car / by walk / electric bicycle

Because families are diverse (younger, older members), it is possible to combine between car, bicycle and / or walking. Inform us about the age of your family members and we will advise you which type of transport is most appropriate for your family.